considering camp? don't overlook health and safety

Safety not always top of mind for parents choosing kids' summer camp

Less than half of parents rate general safety policies as essential to their camp decision. 1 in 12 parents report that a summer camp would need to accommodate their child's health issue. Only half of parents feel very confident they can tell if a summer camp is safe and healthy for their child.

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healthy eating and use of dietary supplements in children

Half of parents regularly give kids a dietary supplement

3 in 5 parents say it’s hard to get their child to eat a well-balanced diet. Half of parents report their child regularly takes a dietary supplement. Parents from lower-income households are less likely to give their child a dietary supplement or discuss supplement use with their child’s doctor.

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Parent views on addressing mental health concerns in adolescents

1 in 4 parents say their adolescent has seen a mental health specialist

Only four in ten parents say their adolescent's primary care provider asks about mental health concerns at all check-ups. More than one in four parents report their adolescent has ever had a visit or appointment with a mental health specialist. Nearly half of parents whose adolescent had a mental health visit reported difficulties getting care.

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Parent perspectives on CBD use in children

What parents think about giving CBD to children

3 in 4 parents say CBD for children should require a doctor’s prescription. Among the 7% of parents who have given or considered giving their child a CBD product, only one-third talked with their child’s healthcare provider about CBD use. While 83% of parents think CBD products should be regulated by the FDA, only 58% say FDA approval would be very important to their decision about whether to give a CBD product to their child.

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