Parent awareness of online betting among teens

Digital dice and youth: 1 in 6 parents say they probably wouldn't know if teens were betting online

Over half of parents do not know their state's legal age for online betting. 1 in 4 parents have talked with their teen about online gambling. 1 in 6 parents think they would probably not know if their teen was betting online.

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Resolving to be involved: Goal-setting for parents and kids

Parents' top resolutions: More patience, less time on phones

1 in 2 mothers and 1 in 3 fathers have set goals to improve their parenting. The top parenting goal is to have more patience. 3 in 4 parents say setting goals has helped them improve their parenting. Over half of parents say their kids age 11-18 set personal goals.

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Sharing on parenting: Getting advice through social media

Parents of young children increasingly turn to social media for parenting advice

4 in 5 parents of young children use social media to discuss parenting topics. Nearly half of parents rate social media as very useful for getting new ideas to try. 2 in 5 parents think it’s difficult to distinguish good vs bad advice on social media. More than half of parents use privacy settings or restrict who can see posts about their children.

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Promoting children's independence: What parents say vs do

Many parents of elementary aged children may engage in more helicopter parenting than they think

3 in 4 parents say they make it a point to have their child do things themselves. Worry is the top reason parents give for their child not doing things independently. 1 in 4 parents have criticized another parent for not adequately supervising their child.

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