When parents and grandparents disagree

Half of parents report butting heads with child's grandparent over parenting

4 in 10 parents describe disagreements with grandparents about discipline, meals, screen time and other parenting choices. Among parents who asked a grandparent to be more consistent with parenting choices, 17% say the grandparent refused their request. Parents are more likely to limit the amount of time children see grandparents who refuse to respect parenting choices.

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Sunny, cloudy, hot or cool: Keeping kids safe in the sun

Some parents may not properly protect children from the sun

9 in 10 parents say it is very important to use sunscreen to prevent sunburn and skin cancer. Nearly half of parents choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 45 for their child. 1 in 3 parents do not re-apply sunscreen on their child on a cloudy day.

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Protecting kids against mosquitoes and ticks

Parents are twice as likely to be concerned about ticks transmitting diseases than they are of mosquitoes

1 in 3 parents use a bug repellent on their child that contains DEET. Nearly half of parents give their children oral antihistamines to help with itching from bites. Parents are twice as concerned about ticks transmitting diseases than they are about mosquitoes.

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Tracking tween health through apps

Most parents concerned about privacy, body image impact of tweens using health apps

1 in 20 parents say their tween uses health apps. 2 in 3 parents are concerned about their tween being targeted by ads from health apps. Most parents want input from their tween's health care provider on using health apps, but only 3% have talked with their tween's provider. 38% of parents would not allow their tween to use an app that tracks health information.

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