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Two out of three moms have this in common with Chrissy Teigen

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This new sobering study shows how many mothers have felt shamed for their parenting choices


Majority of moms (including Savannah and Hoda!) experience mom shaming


Two thirds of mothers say they've been 'shamed' over their parenting choices

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Many moms have been "shamed" for their parenting style; the criticism is coming from inside the house


People can't stop shaming moms, and it's causing 'maternal anxiety'

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"Mommy-shaming" is common, survey reveals

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Most moms have been 'mommy-shamed,' poll finds

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New study confirms that mommy shaming is always a bad idea


There's a scientific reason why we can't stop shaming moms, and it's causing 'maternal anxiety'


61% of mothers say they have felt shamed over parenting choices

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Study: 2 of 3 moms of young kids 'shamed' about parenting skills


A majority of moms say they've been shamed for their parenting skills

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Study proves people mom-shame just as much as you'd expect & that's a problem


Health buzz: Most mothers feel shamed for their parenting skills

People are obsessed with criticizing moms' parenting choices, study confirms


Most mothers have been victims of 'mommy-shaming,' poll finds

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Why ‘mom shaming’ — on social media and in person — needs to stop

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Poll: Most mothers have been 'mommy-shamed'

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These people are the worst mommy-shamers around

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Poll: Nearly two-thirds of mothers 'shamed' by others about their parenting skills

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