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Will the doctor see your child now?

Science Daily

Parents don't always head to child's doctor when illness strikes

New poll: Confidence in getting same-day medical advice grows among parents


Most parents don't think they're raising healthy eaters


Doctor-rating websites lack helpful information


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Most parents don't think they're meeting kids' nutritional needs

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How a pediatrician helps her family eat healthfully at home

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Only one-third of parents think they are doing a good job helping kids eat healthy foods

Science Daily

Just one-third parents confident of feeding kids healthy food

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When does a child need a sick day?

New York Times

Should my slightly sick child stay home? The rules often conflict


How do you decide how sick is too sick for school?

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Sending your child to school a little bit sick doesn't make you a monster


When should you keep your sick child from school?

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MSN News
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When to keep your sick child home from school

Consumer Affairs

See the top reasons parents keep sick children out of school


Parents have mixed views on when to keep sick kids out of school

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