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Helicopter parenting at doctor's office may do more harm than good

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Are parents too involved in teens' health care?


Parents keep too tight a leash on teens' health care: Survey

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Why helicopter parenting is bad for your teen's health

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Parental control at doctor's office bad for kids

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Helicopter parenting at the doctor’s office may impact teen health

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Helicopter parenting and the doctor's office may impact teen health

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Helicopter parenting at the doctor's office may impact teen health

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Parental overmanagement of teens' healthcare can be harmful


C.S. Mott helps teens take control of their health


Teens and parents agree: Electronic cigarettes need restrictions

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Teens, parents share e-cigarette concerns, poll finds
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New poll shows strong support for restrictions on e-cigarettes

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Teens, parents share e-cig concerns, poll finds


Many parents unaware of emergency plans at kids' pre-schools

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