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Medical research needs kids, but two-thirds of parents unaware of opportunities

Yahoo News

Medical Research Needs Kids, Two-Thirds of Parents Unaware of Opportunities

Science Daily

Parents Clueless About Dangers of iPods, Other Noise Hazards?

Health Day
Web MD

Warnings on Children’s Drugs Found to Help Curb Misuse

New York Times

Warnings on children’s drugs found to help curb misuse

The Seattle Times

U-M poll: Parents want email consultations with doctors, but don’t want to pay for them

Heritage Newspaper

Parents Favor Email Medical Consults for Kids' Minor Illnesses: Survey

Health Day

Parents want e-mail consults with doctors, but don't want to pay for them

Health Canal
Science Daily

Email medical consultations: Would you use them

WDIV Detroit

Public says childhood cancer should be top children’s health research priority

Heritage Newspaper

Fight childhood cancer all year long

Parents Magazine

Childhood cancer should be top priority for children's health research, poll says

Huffington Post

Public says childhood cancer should be top children's health research priority

Science Daily

The top priorities for children's health

WDIV Detroit

Concerns about child health vary among races and ethnicities

Medical News Today

Child health concerns vary among different races, ethnicities

Health Canal

Study: Child health concerns vary among races, ethnicities

WDIV Detroit

Poll: 82 percent of adults support banning smoking when kids are riding in the car

Heritage Newspaper

3 out of 4 polled say 'ban smoking in cars with kids'

Baby Center