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2 of 3 parents want schools to expand health education

Stark racial differences in what adults fear for kids' health

CBS News

Racial inequity, violence climb list of child health concerns for black adults

Science Daily

U-M Poll: Parents more confident tweens will avoid fire, storms than guns

M Live

Home alone: American parents more confident tweens will avoid fire, storms than guns

Science Daily

Poll: Voters want candidates to address children’s health issues


A shocking number of parents keep their kids' leftover opioids

Huffington Post

Half of parents keep kids' leftover painkillers at home

Yahoo! News

Parents often don't get rid of leftover prescription opioids

Medline Plus
Health Day
Health Magazine

Physicians need to talk to parents about handling their kids' leftover pain medications


Poll finds many parents do not dispose of opioid drugs

Michigan Radio

Poll: Many parents keep prescription opioids at home

Science Daily

New poll finds many parents may be mishandling leftover pain pills


Parents often keep leftover prescription opioids

Web MD

U-M poll: Adults believe children's health worse now than when they grew up

M Live

Parents, stop feeling that everything you do is wrong

New York Times

Kids today have worse health than in the past: Poll

Times of India

Poll: Adults believe children more stressed than previous generations

AAP Gateway

Adults say kids' health is worse than in the past

Most U.S. adults say today's children have worse health than in past generations

Health Canal