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Could e-cigarettes lead to tobacco use in teens, children? U-M poll shows 44% of adults think so


Survey finds support for banning e-cigarette use by kids

Health Day

44% of adults worry e-cigarettes will encourage kids to start smoking tobacco

Science Daily
Yahoo News

Two-thirds of parents unaware of opportunities for their children in medical research

Medical News Today

Medical research needs more kids in studies

Michigan Radio

Medical research needs kids, but two-thirds of parents unaware of opportunities

Health Canal
Yahoo News

Medical Research Needs Kids, Two-Thirds of Parents Unaware of Opportunities

Science Daily

Parents Clueless About Dangers of iPods, Other Noise Hazards?

Health Day
Web MD

Warnings on Children’s Drugs Found to Help Curb Misuse

New York Times

Warnings on children’s drugs found to help curb misuse

The Seattle Times

U-M poll: Parents want email consultations with doctors, but don’t want to pay for them

Heritage Newspaper

Parents Favor Email Medical Consults for Kids' Minor Illnesses: Survey

Health Day

Parents want e-mail consults with doctors, but don't want to pay for them

Health Canal
Science Daily