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Survey: Majority of Americans support birth control mandate


Most support birth control mandate, survey shows

NBC News

What Americans think about birth control coverage


Majority of Americans support obamacare birth control provision: Survey

Many support 'obamacare' birth control provision

Web MD

Health plans should cover birth control, majority says

Yahoo News

Parents show empathy for kids with nut allergies

Most parents don't favor bans on nuts in schools, including those with allergic kids

Science Daily

Uninsured moms don’t take breastfeeding classes

Modern Medicine

Even though breast is best, uninsured parents don't take breastfeeding classes

Medical News Today

Kristen Jordan Shamus: Breast-feeding is best, but mothers need support to keep at it

Detroit Free Press

Uninsured parents don't take breastfeeding classes, even though breast is best

Boston Globe
Health Canal

Most people say rating sites 'important' when picking doctors

Fox News

Do you check online doctor ratings? 1 in 4 consumers do

USA Today

More Patients Are Checking Doctor-Rating Websites

Health Day
Web MD

Specialist care leaves parents in a quandary

Parents unclear about process for specialist care for kids

Health Canal
Science Daily
WDIV Detroit

What parents say about e-cigarettes and kids

Poll: 44 percent of adults worry e-cigarettes will encourage kids to start smoking tobacco

Heritage Newspaper

Electronic cigarettes are growing more popular with young people, and that's causing concern

Michigan Radio

Could e-cigarettes lead to tobacco use in teens, children? U-M poll shows 44% of adults think so