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Cover the bases: sports physicals are no substitute for comprehensive checkups

Health Canal
Science Daily

Parents of overweight kids more likely to give schools failing grades for fighting obesity

Health Canal

New report card out on latest battle against obesity

WDIV Detroit

Preschoolers getting too much screen time: Survey

Health Day
Health Magazine
MSN News

Limiting media devices for young children

Screening out: what are parents doing to limit screen time for young children?

Health Canal

Parents allow kids 3 or more hours of TV time

Times of India

Learn how to limit screen time for kids

Yahoo! News India

Poll: Too much screen time impacting health


Majority of Americans support obamacare birth control provision: Survey

Health Day
MSN News

Nearly 70% of Americans support birth control coverage under obamacare

Health Magazine

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans say health plans should cover birth control

Los Angeles Times

Survey: Majority of Americans support birth control mandate


Most support birth control mandate, survey shows

NBC News

What Americans think about birth control coverage


Many support 'obamacare' birth control provision

Web MD

Health plans should cover birth control, majority says

Yahoo News

Parents show empathy for kids with nut allergies

Most parents don't favor bans on nuts in schools, including those with allergic kids

Science Daily