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Poll: U.S. adults support smoking ban in cars with kids

MSN News

Mott hospital poll: Adults support bans to protect children from secondhand smoke

82 percent of adults support banning smoking when kids are in the car

Health Canal

Protect newborns from whooping cough: Know your vaccine status

NY Metro Parents

Whooping cough can be deadly for infants, but 61 percent of adults don’t know their vaccine status

Heritage Newspaper

Many U.S. Adults Under-Vaccinated Against Whooping Cough, Survey Finds

Health Day

Many U.S. adults may not be protected against whooping cough

Medical News Today

Whooping cough can be deadly for infants, 61 percent of adults don't know their vaccine status


Protected against whooping cough? Most adults don't know

Fox News
Yahoo News

Most adults agree parents of newborns should insist visitors have updated vaccine for pertussis

Health Canal

Whooping Cough: Most Adults Have No Idea If They Have Protection, Poll Finds

Huffington Post

61 percent don't know if they are a danger to their babies

Michigan Radio

Many Parents Unaware of Teens' Abuse of ADHD Drugs

What parents need to know about teens and study drugs


Talk to your teen about study drugs


Ten percent of teens use study drugs yet most parents aren't aware

Medical News Today

It's finals week: Do you know what your teen is taking to study so hard?

Los Angeles Times

Not my kid: Most parents unaware teen is using study drugs

Fox News

One in ten teens using "study drugs," but parents aren't paying attention

Science Daily