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40 percent of parents give children unneeded, harmful cold medicines

Fox News

Many parents give kids cold medicines when they shouldn't, survey finds

Health Day

40 percent of parents give cough medicine to children under age 4, going against recommendations

Huffington Post

40 percent of parents give young kids cough/cold medicine that they shouldn’t

Health Canal
Science Daily

U-M poll: Too many parents give cold medicine to kids despite warnings

Detroit Free Press

Report: many parents give toddlers cough and cold medicine when they shouldn't

Michigan Radio

Guns within reach

Parents Magazine

Certain parents less likely to follow doctors' advice: Poll

Health Day

Two-thirds of parents don't follow doctors' orders (POLL)

Huffington Post

Most parents don't follow doctors' orders

NBC News

Only one-third of parents follow doctors' orders for kids all of the time

Science Daily

Sólouno de cada tres padres cumplen regularmente con los consejos médicos para sus hijos

Yahoo Argentina
Yahoo Mexico

Most parents don't always follow doctors' orders

Yahoo News

Many younger parents weigh online doctor reviews: poll

Health Day

UM Study suggests insurance biggest factor in doctor selection

Michigan Radio

When selecting a child’s doctor, families prefer grapevine over online ratings

Health Canal