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Many parents downplay value of flu shot, poll finds

Health Magazine

Parents rate flu vaccine less important, effective, safe than other childhood vaccines

Health Canal
Science Daily

Mayo Clinic Minute: The flu has arrived

Mayo Clinic

Parents do not rate flu vaccine as highly as other childhood vaccines

Medical News Today

Poll: Parents rate flu vaccines less important than other vaccines


Poll: Most parents have strict rules for teen drivers

Michigan Radio

Most parents say they set limits on teen drivers -- but teens don't always think so

Medical News Today

Study: 86% of parents restrict teen cellphone use while driving

AAP News

Most parents say they set limits on teen drivers, but teens don't always think so

Science Daily

New poll shows parents cracking down on teen drivers


Parents set limits on teen driving, but do teens follow?


Helicopter parenting at doctor’s office may do more harm than good

Washington Post

Yes, helicopter parenting happens, even at the doctor's office

Huffington Post

Are parents too involved in teens' health care?


Helicopter parenting at doctor's office may do more harm than good

Yahoo! News
FOX News

Parents keep too tight a leash on teens' health care: Survey

Health Day

Why helicopter parenting is bad for your teen's health

Parents Magazine

Parental control at doctor's office bad for kids

Times of India

Helicopter parenting at the doctor’s office may impact teen health

Health Canal