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Read this before posting photos of your kids on Facebook

MSN News

Parents worry about oversharing online, poll says

Boston Globe

Opinion: Michigan must ban powdered alcohol

The Detroit News

Attitudes toward vaccinations shifting, University of Michigan poll suggests


More Parents Support Vaccines after Recent Outbreaks, Poll Says

Facts & Figures: After Outbreaks, Vaccine Support Rises

New York Times

Poll: Childhood disease outbreaks raise support for vaccines

CBS News

More Parents See Benefits of Vaccines, Poll Finds

Health Day
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U of M poll shows shifting views among parents on childhood vaccines

Michigan Radio

Study: parents' views on vaccines are shifting

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After Measles Outbreaks, Parents Shift Their Thinking On Vaccines


Media shifts parents' beliefs about vaccinations

Look up day-care vaccination rates in Michigan

M Live

Poll shows majority of adults favor ban on powdered alcohol

Michigan Radio

Poll finds that 90% of Americans have concerns over powdered alcohol

Medical News Today

Most US adults back ban on powdered alcohol: Survey

Yahoo! News

Some in Michigan want powdered alcohol banned

Detroit Free Press

Majority of adults favor ban on powdered alcohol, concerned it would increase underage drinking

Health Canal

Most Americans Back Ban on Powdered Alcohol, Poll Finds

Health Day

Poll shows support for banning powdered alcohol

Michigan Radio