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December 15: Can their 18-year-olds make a doctor’s appointment? Half of parents say no

November 17: Parents support daycare policies to get kids up-to-date on vaccines

October 27: Nutrition Facts: How moms and dads view labels differently

September 22: Head smart? Parents get confidence boost from concussion education

August 11: School violence, gun-related injuries in top 10 child health concerns in U.S.

July 21: The circumcision decision: Parents want info, not directives, from docs

June 16: Sports physicals: convenient versus comprehensive?

May 20: Fighting childhood obesity: Are schools passing or failing?

April 29: Screening out screen time: Parents limit media use for young children

March 18: Nut-free lunch? Parents speak out

January 28: Seeing specialists: Roles of parents & providers unclear


December 18: Adults worry e-cigarettes will encourage kids to start smoking tobacco

November 26: Medical research needs kids, but parents not aware of opportunities

October 21: Email consultation: co-pay or no-pay?

September 23: Top public priorities for children’s health research: cancer, diabetes, birth defects

August 19: Top child health concerns: Obesity, drug abuse and smoking

July 22: Broad public support for banning smoking in vehicles with kids present

June 17: Protecting newborns from whooping cough

May 20: One in ten teens using “study drugs,” but are parents paying attention?

April 22: Parents ignore warning labels, give cough & cold meds to young kids

Feb 18: How to select a child’s doctor? Parents prefer grapevine to online

Jan 23: Parents numb to misuse of narcotic pain medicines by youth?


Dec 10: Parents loud and clear: Test teens and tweens for hearing loss, too

American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery: Children’s Hearing Health
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association:

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders: It’s a Noisy Planet

Nov 19: Public supports expanded Internet safety requirements to protect kids

Sep 17: Bullying: When should schools take action?

Aug 20: Top 10 child health concerns: Exercise, obesity & smoking lead list

Apr 16: Nearly 1 in 4 grandparents store prescription medicines where children can easily find them

Mar 20: For youth sexting: Public supports education, not criminal charges

Feb 22: Too much of a good thing? Kids in low-income families drink more juice than recommended

Jan 24: School obesity programs may promote worrisome eating behaviors and physical activity in kids


Dec 12: Silent risk: Most parents and teens not talking about noise-induced hearing loss

Nov 8: Many infants at risk in unsafe sleep settings

Oct 24: Many young children off to a poor start with dental health

Sep 19: Parents turning car seats to face forward too early

Sep 12: Parents say, "Other teens drink and use marijuana, but my kids don't"

Aug 15: Drug abuse now equals childhood obesity as top health concern for kids

Jul 25: Most parents unaware of medical research opportunities for their kids

Jun 20: Few parents enforce shower-before-pool rules that prevent illness from water parks

May 9: Bariatric surgery for adolescents: how young is too young?

Apr 18: Parents want more physical activity at school for kids

Mar 14: Parents want explanations, not scare tactics, from the media about children's health

Feb 14: Despite warnings, parents continue to use cough & cold medicines for young kids

Jan 6: Strong public support for innovative programs to prevent teen pregnancy


Nov 8: Gun shy? 14 million parents have never talked gun safety with their kids

Gun safety resources for parents:

Gun safety resources for kids:

Aug 16: Top 10 health concerns for kids: obesity, stress, teen pregnancy worsening

Jun 14: Concussions in school sports: parents ill-prepared for role in reducing kid’s risks

Apr 15: Most parents opt for talking with misbehaving kids

Mar 17: Unaware of laws, many parents not using booster seats for older children

Feb 8: Parent concerns hinder national H1N1 immunization efforts

Jan 20: School support lacking for emotional, behavioral issues, say parents


Dec 14: In the age of 'sexting', parents weigh options to block inappropriate content

Nov 19: Internet predators, privacy and porn concern parents


Oct 20: Knowledge key to support for embryonic stem cell research

Jun 9: Summer safety for 'tweens' home alone