2016 list of Top 10 children’s health issues

In the 10th annual National Poll on Children’s Health Top 10 survey, adults across the country said bullying, obesity, and drug abuse are the top three health issues facing kids today. Mental health concerns loom large in this year’s Top 10 list with adults expressing concern about depression, suicide, and stress as “big problems” as well as school violence, bullying, drug abuse, and obesity that reflect underlying mental health components.

When compared side-by-side, the Top 10 lists from adults of different racial/ethnic backgrounds highlight gaps in concerns for specific children’s health issues. Blacks adults rated racial inequities and school violence as the #2 and #3 children’s health issues, neither of which made the Top 10 list for white adults. Additionally, black adults are the only group with gun injuries in their list of the Top 10 child health issues. Teen pregnancy only appears in the Top 10 list among Hispanic adults. Suicide only appears in white adults’ Top 10 list. Read the full report: Mental health, racial inequities lead 2016 Top 10 child health concerns.

This infographic shows a side-by-side view of the Top 10 children’s health issues according to black adults, Hispanic adults, and white adults:

Top 10 Child Health Concerns in 2016

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