Mott Poll Year-In-Review: 2017


We’ve had a busy year here at the National Poll on Children’s Health. During 2017, we’ve covered a variety of children’s health topics, such as allergy medicine, school health services, and adolescent vaccination. We also launched our brand new website, As we prepare for a new year of child health research, here’s an overview of some of our biggest reports in 2017.

20171228_YrInReview01.jpg Parents struggle with when to keep sick kids home from school

Deciding whether to send a sick child to school or keep them home is not always an easy decision for parents. Many factors play into the decision, such as the concern that illness will get worse or spread to other classmates if the child goes to school. Parents in the Mott Poll were more likely to keep a child home with diarrhea, vomiting or fever, but send a child to school with a cough or runny nose.

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This report was also featured in The New York Times, NPR, and Slate.

20171228_YrInReview02.jpg Mom shaming or constructive criticism? Perspective of mothers

Mothers of young children often face negativity and second-guessing of their parenting choices by a variety of sources, including in-laws, friends, and other moms in public. 6 in 10 mothers in the Mott Poll report being criticized about parenting their young child, most commonly by family members. In response to this criticism, half of criticized mothers say they avoid people who are too critical.

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This report was also featured in CafeMom, Real Simple, and on the TODAY Show.

20171228_YrInReview03.jpg Parents not keeping up with teen vaccines

While vaccines are an important strategy to prevent the spread of illness, national vaccination rates have been below public health targets for some adolescent vaccines, particularly those with more than one dose. Despite national data, most parents in the Mott Poll think their teen has received all recommended vaccines. Parents expect child health providers to guide them on teen vaccines, by scheduling appointments or sending reminders.

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This report was also featured in Reader’s Digest, Parents Magazine, and Metro Parent.

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