Summer swimming safety

As summer heats up, many families will be looking to cool off at pools, beaches, and water parks. No matter the location, supervision is essential to keeping kids safe when in the water. A child’s ability to swim is often how parents decide how much supervision they need, but even strong swimmers should have some form of supervision from a lifeguard, parent, or other adult.

A 2017 Mott Poll asked parents about their child’s ability to swim, whether they took swimming lessons, and their rules for supervision in the water.

  • 37% of parents would allow their child to go into the water in a home/neighborhood pool or hotel pool without an adult present.
  • Two-thirds of parents wish their child were a better swimmer.
  • More White parents said their child had ever taken swimming lessons compared with Hispanic and Black parents.

Racial differences in swimming lessons

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Supervision is an important aspect of water safety, regardless of a child’s swimming skills. Even strong swimmers can get into trouble in the water. Making supervision a high priority can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation, and will help to ensure the trip to the pool, lake, or water park is fun and safe for all.