August 1 - 7 is World Breastfeeding Week, a campaign to encourage breastfeeding and support nursing mothers worldwide.
This month’s Mott Poll report showed how parents’ lack of awareness about what vaccines their teens need may contribute to lower vaccination rates for adolescents.
In a 2015 Mott Poll, 88% of parents said their teens' schools start before 8:30 a.m. About half of those parents said they would support moving the start of the school day back to 8:30 or later.
This month’s Mott Poll report asked mothers of children 0-5 about their experiences with criticism about their parenting choices. Moms and media outlets across the country have been sharing their thoughts and stories. Here’s a roundup of the conversation.
This week's blog for National Safety Month looks at tweens staying home alone without adult supervision.
In honor of National Safety Month, we’re highlighting some previous summer safety-themed Mott Poll Reports to help start a conversation about safety with parents and kids. This week we’re looking at water park safety.
This month’s Mott Poll report looked at parents’ reports about their child’s swimming ability and rules for water supervision. Here’s a recap of what media outlets across the country have been saying about this report.
In the annual Mott Poll of US adults’ top 10 children’s health concerns, bullying ranked as the biggest concern in 2016.
This month’s Mott Poll report highlighted parents’ experiences with over-the-counter allergy medicines when managing their child’s seasonal allergy symptoms.

After an 11-year-old Michigan boy found out his girlfriend had committed suicide, he took his own life as well. But the information about his girlfriend’s death was false – a hoax started by the girl herself that the boy believed to be true.