Sharenting has become common practice. As a result, many children now have a digital footprint long before they take their first steps.
This month’s Mott Poll report highlighted the experiences of parents with trying to get same-day care for their sick children, whether it be advice over phone or email or an office visit.

Recent weather events have caused widespread power outages forcing many preschools and child care centers to close. Whenever a preschool or child care center faces an emergency, it is essential that they are prepared to handle the situation, and that parents are aware of the emergency plan.

Parents face a variety of day-to-day challenges in providing a healthy diet for their children.

To combat increasing rates of drug and opioid addiction, New Jersey has enacted a new law designed to influence the initial prescription of prescription pain medications. 

When kids wake up feeling ill, parents often have to make a quick judgment call about whether or not they’re well enough to go to school. This month’s Mott Poll report highlighted the struggle parents face when deciding what to do with their sick child.

Kids holding "2016" banner

Traveling during the holiday season can be hectic – and for parents traveling with toddlers, there is even more to juggle and manage. Packing extra snacks and activities to keep kids entertained during the trip aren’t the only things parents need to consider when leaving home.

Teens are known for trying new things - from the clothes they wear to the foods they eat. This month’s Mott Poll report focused on the subject of teens’ special diets and how they impact their families.

As part of teen experimentation and identity formation, many teens try out a variety of special diets – diets that go beyond calorie counting and limiting portion sizes to restricting or eliminating entire groups of foods.