Figure1. Insurance status among adults who use discount generic Rx drug programs
Nearly 70 million Americans using discount generic Rx programs
Figure 1. Top 10 topics parents consider very important for doctors to discuss
Adolescent check-ups: Parents want diet, drugs, and sex discussed
Figure 1. Flu vaccination and planned vaccination rates for children and adults
Adults and kids less protected than anticipated against the flu
Percentage of children age 6-17 who are overweight or obese
Parental concerns about childhood obesity: Time for a reality check?
Parents who postponed children's health care due to high gas prices, by income
Do high gas prices lead to less health care for kids?
Flu vaccination for 2006-07 and planned vaccination for 2007-08 for children
Flu vaccination among children may reach all-time high this year
Opinions on government coverage for a family with income at 200% FPL
Covering families: How generous should SCHIP be?
Adults' opinions on genetic testing
Genetic testing and DNA biobanks - for whom, and when?
Parent opinion on HPV and Tdap vaccine mandates
Majority of U.S. parents not in favor of state HPV vaccine mandates
Top 10 U.S. children's health concerns
Smoking, drugs and obesity top public's list of health problems for children