Helmets and winter sports. Percent of parents reporting child helmet use during outdoor winter activities. Snowmobiling: 83% always, 10% sometimes, 5% never. Skiing/snowboarding: 73% always, 12% sometimes, 14% never. Sledding: 17% always, 14% sometimes, 67% never.
Keeping kids safe during outdoor winter activities
Percent rating as very likely to cause stress. 31%: Extra shopping/holiday tasks; 30%: keeping family healthy; 29%: household finances; 23%: planning for family gatherings; 22%: making special holiday meals; 14%: criticism from family members about holiday plans
'Tis the season to be...stressed?
Parent strategies to teach their child to show gratitude. Percent of parents who say child does this regularly. 88% say please and thank you. 60% do chores to help family. 37% donate toys or clothes. 36% say prayers of thanks.
Parent efforts to teach children about gratitude
Parent challenges monitoring children's use of social media apps. Percent of parents of kids 7-12 reporting challenges. 39% say it's too time-consuming to monitor use. 21% say they're unable to find the info needed to set up parental controls. 32% say children find ways to get around parental controls.
Sharing too soon? Children and social media apps
Parent views on fast food for kids. 85% say it is unhealthy for their kids. 84% say it is OK in moderation. 72% say it is a good option when stressed for time. 33% say it is good value for the money. 24% say it is less expensive than home-cooked meals
Parent views on fast food and family meals
Student worries for 2021-22 school year. Percent of parents reporting their child is worried about the following: 26% virtual school again, 24% being around large groups of kids, 22% being behind on academics, 22% getting along with friends
How a year of COVID influences views on start of school
Among parents of kids 3-11: 70% have not discussed COVID vaccine with child's doctor. Among parents of kids 12-18: 50% have not discussed COVID vaccine with child's doctor.
More parent-provider communication about COVID vaccine needed
Addressing developmental delay. When parents thought their child was behind, 82% sought help from a healthcare professional. 18% only looked up info online or asked friends/family.
Milestones: How parents understand child development
Parent preferences for child's doctor visits. Percent of parents indicating preference on type of visit for their child. For minor illness, 54% are OK with virtual and 46% prefer in-person. For mental health, 49% are OK with virtual and 51% prefer in-person. For specialists, 26% are OK with virtual and 74% prefer in-person. For check-ups, 23% are OK with virtual and 77% prefer in-person.
Virtual visits for kids
COVID-19 precautions in youth sports. Parent ratings for school, travel, or community sports organizations. For giving clear information about precautions, 86% rate excellent/good, and 14% rate fair/poor. For consistent enforcement of precautions, 72% rate excellent/good, and 28% rate fair/poor. For treating children fairly, 87% rate excellent/good, and 13% rate fair/poor. For listening to parent concerns, 83% rate excellent/good, and 17% rate fair/poor.
Playing through a pandemic: Youth sports and COVID