Safe travels: Keeping kids safe during holidays away from home

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November 8, 2012
Child riding in the car

During the holiday season, many people travel to spend time with family and friends. For families with children, holiday travel can be a challenge as kids adjust to new routines, new surroundings, and new people they may not see that often.

To help parents prepare for safe travels through the holidays, we’re putting together a series of blog posts featuring safety tips for traveling with children. We hope this series will provide a helpful framework for holiday safety and relieve some stress as you prepare for being away from home.

Keep an eye out for the first post in our series, coming soon! If you have any of your own safety tips for traveling with kids, leave us a comment and let us know!


Submitted by Lilly Field on

Top priority for me is keeping an eye on my three kids when we go away - as long as you can keep them calm and keep your eye on where they are at all times I think you've won half the battle. That means minimising things like use of public transport and carrying masses of luggage (the former is just a cacophony of potential issues and the latter is a distraction when you've got overexcited kids bouncing all over the place).

So when flying I always self-drive (strapped into child safety seats or even just firmly seatbelted in there's a limit to the mischief they can get into in the car, and it certainly beats the train) and use a good airport parking company (my favourites are APH) that has its own shuttle bus service. Often works out cheaper than playing musical trains anyway.

To minimise luggage we pack light and send as much stuff on ahead as possible so all we have to worry about is carry-on bags of things to keep the kids occupied. A good excess baggage service is a lifesaver - I've tried a couple but Seven Seas Worldwide is pretty good, not the cheapest but one of the most reliable, which is pretty important for going abroad!

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