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November 20, 2014
Child getting a vaccine

This week, we released a new NPCH Report about daycare vaccination policies. All states require vaccines for children who attend daycare, but some children still do not receive all vaccines. We asked parents of young children for their perspectives on vaccination requirements and what they think daycares should do when children aren’t fully vaccinated.

Overall, most parents agree that children in daycare should be vaccinated (59% strongly agree and 22% agree). So what should daycares do when children are not up-to-date on vaccines? 41% of parents say those children should not be allowed to attend daycare until they are vaccinated and 28% say children should have a grace period of time in order to get up-to-date. Fewer parents (21%) prefer that daycares require a waiver from a doctor and just 1 in 10 parents say children should be able to attend daycare regardless of their vaccination status.

Figure 1: Parent preferred daycare policies for children not up-to-date on vaccines
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Parents were also asked to consider a scenario where 1 in 4 children in their child’s daycare are not up-to-date on their vaccines. About 3 out of 4 parents (74%) say they would consider removing their own children from that daycare center in this situation. Read the full report: Parents support daycare policies to get kids up-to-date on vaccines.

NPCH Associate Director Sarah Clark, M.P.H. discusses these results and their implications in this short video:

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This report has generated a lot of conversation in places like USA Today, Health Day, and Yahoo! Parenting. What do you think? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!

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Submitted by qandamamma on

One-size fits all health mandates that have questionable effectiveness and serious adverse reactions should NEVER be forced on anyone in our society...this is bio TERROR ism!!!  Besides the obvious dangers spelled out in clear English on every VACCINE INSERT which every informed and concerned parent has read.  A parent is the expert on their own child's health...the awake and informed parents trust their instincts, listen to the body, know when their kids are sick, we know if our children have food intolerances (dairy, egg, peanut, etc) and environmental allergies, a smart parent will learn about their own child's DNA genetic markers (detox, mitochondrial, methylation, and metabolic)  making their kids at higher risk and susceptible to chronic or acute disease or adverse reactions that can be triggered by any number of toxic ingredients or the intramuscular injection itself from the vaccines. The Federal, State, Municipal and bureaucratic Gov't agencies (health and educational) or any other fascist medical nutcase needs to STOP encouraging, enabling and implementing the genetic terrorizing and  pollution of our Food, Medicine, Pregnant Women, Children and Elderly with these INSANE public "health" policies.  After spending several years educating myself on Infectious Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Cancer, Vaccine vs. Natural Immunity, Vaccine ingredients, Safety Studies, Adverse Reactions, "Vacceptable" Injuries, Corrupt CDC and Pharma conflicts of interests and willful wrong doings, Pro Vaccine public relations, evidence BIASED science.  I'm convinced more than ever that Vaccine ideology based in a flawed theory of "Herd Immunity" only serves as the foundation dogma of a medical industrial complex that controls our government and public health discourse to ensures its profits by creating a captive market (our children) for their toxic products by creating INSANE, FASCIST, and UNPATRIOTIC health mandates.  SHAME SHAME SHAME to every single human for supporting these inhumane forced policies.  YOU don't own my DNA or BODY!!!  You want to protect your health from disease (acute, chronic, infectious), start protecting your DNA and Immune system from the blatant assault by the chemical industry products and by products that are polluting and toxifying every living creature on the face of the earth voluntarily and involuntarily!  The only regulations I support are on the toxic chemicals in our FOOD, MEDICINE, AIR, WATER, SOIL!  Stay away from me and my kids vaccine choice and exemptions!  I will not be silent, I will fight for my rights and I will spend every breath teaching every parent what I have learned about Vaccine TRUTH!  Sincerely a pissed off, informed and activist CA mother.    #CDCWhistleblower #HereThisWell   

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