Teen drivers are at the highest risk for crashes and crash-related fatalities. They are also particularly vulnerable to distractions while driving, such as texting and having multiple passengers in the car.

Of all drivers on the road, teen drivers are at the highest risk for vehicle crashes and fatalities. Many teens are also prone to distracted driving.

Bullying can lead to many health concerns in children and a recent study suggests that bullying can lead to mental health issues that might follow a child into adulthood.

It’s been an exciting year of research for the National Poll on Children’s Health. Each month we’ve reported on some of the most important health issues facing kids today, and this year we hit a milestone with our 100th report.

As teens transition to adulthood, they need to be comfortable taking on bigger responsibilities, including managing their healthcare.

As teenagers progress into adulthood, they begin to take on more responsibilities. They’re learning to drive, getting their first jobs, and thinking about college. Regular check-ups are a way for teens to practice taking responsibility in another important aspect of life: their healthcare.

As families get ready to pack up and head out for the holidays, those traveling by car with young children should make sure they are practicing proper car seat safety before hitting the road.

In response to several tragic events, there has been significant national discussion about the need to increase timely access to mental health care and addiction/recovery services – especially for teenage boys.

When kids get sick with a cough or a cold, the first instinct as parents may be to give them over-the-counter medications to relieve their symptoms. But some of these medications may have dangerous side effects for kids.

Sales of narcotic pain medicines in the U.S. have tripled in the past 20 years. As sales have increased, so have rates of pain medicine abuse and overdoses across all age groups–including children and teens.